Anonymous asked: You can call me an idiot, at least I'm not some cheap slut giving it all away online. Good luck ever having a future. I hope you come to realize how dumb this was when you try to get a job in the future. Your boyfriend might say he loves you but you're just a piece of ass to him. Wait till he knocks your stupid ass up with a kid. See how stuck-up you are when your gut's hanging down and your tits sag to your knees and he's moved on to some other stupid bitch. Enjoy your slut life.

1. you’re an idiot
2. i have a job
3. infact i have 2 jobs
4. my boyfriend loves me alot
5. We have safe sex because we’re not stupid
6. we’re not even thinking or considering children
7. my body is banging, will always be if i look after it like i do.
8. you can’t be a slut by having a committed relationship
9. you’re an idiot
10. This was a pleasure to read.

methr4y asked: It's hilarious how people try to tell you what is and is not acceptable within your own relationship. He knows that you're his, and personally I think it's great for you that he's not some creepy control freak that stops you doing what makes you (and so many anonymous pervy bastards haha) happy. You're brilliant x

haha thankyou! finally someone who gets our relationship :) x

Anonymous asked: Oh my god some people are such idiots, you can post what you like, you don't have to "post a nude" to justify anything! Why are these people taking tumblr so seriously?!

because they REALLY want to see me completely nude and are totally upset that only jack gets to.

Anonymous asked: Why is that other person an idiot because they can't understand why a guy who loves you doesn't care that you flaunt yourself on tumblr. You're not gonna be famous for it. It's fine to have pride in how you look but self respect is just as important. Stop acting high and mighty when you're the one that has so little respect for themselves. Either stop posting pictures of yourself or post a nude and show everyone that you don't care if it's so unimportant to you about what you show on here.

you’re an idiot too.

people on this site are their own worst enemies. Don’t want hate, don’t answer it. simple.

Anonymous asked: if your boyfriend loved you that much he wouldn't want you posting photos of your body the way you do!

that’s the most ridiculous statement I’ve ever heard. you’re an idiot.

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