can’t decide if i want to send a set of photos to suicide girls. it looks so cool, but i’m unsure.

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  1. blvckforestx said: You would be ace at it
  2. hypethat said: Come to London this Sunday and shoot! :D
  3. oxmodius-phoenix said: Do it!!!!
  4. wakingseason said: do it!
  5. beaunarrow said: Do it
  6. sillymakky said: dooo it
  7. ashleyluka said: I signed up to SG too but didn’t end up doing it! Come be a stripper with me!
  8. divinxtion said: do it!
  9. k-k-k-kush said: do it! if you don’t you could wake up one day and regret that you missed an opportunity
  10. xohopeiero posted this
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